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Aces Up

Aces Up is a very easy solitaire game, the aim is to remove all the cards except the Aces.
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Rules of Aces Up Solitaire

Also known as:
Idiot's Delight, Once in a Lifetime, Ace of the Pile, Rocket to the Top, Firing Squad, and Loser Solitaire.
The object is to discard all the cards in the deck except the four Aces.
Four cards on the tableau. All other cards are in stock faced down.
Search for two or more cards with the same suit. If there are any, only the lower card is discarded and the higher one retained.
Aces are considered of highest value, and therefore cannot be removed.
When one of the four piles is empty, any single card can be moved to that spot.
If no more cards can be removed, a new card is dealt onto each pile. The removal of lower cards and addition of new cards continue until the stock runs out.
Only the top card of each pile can be played.
One point for each removed card. Maximum score is 48.
Chance of Winning:
Not big. Mostly luck.