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bezumie - games, puzzles, solitaires

"безумие" [bɛzʊˈmije] is a Bulgarian word meaning "madness". Enjoy these mad games — from mind-teasing puzzles to online solitaire and classic action games.

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Mahjong 2D

Mahjong 2D (a.k.a. Shisen-Sho) is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of tiles placed on a table only in one-layer, contrary to original Chinese Mah-Jongg game where the tiles are arranged in a "dragon-shaped pyramid". The aim is to clear the board by pairing up all the tiles.

Mahjong (Shanghai)

Mahjong Solitaire Shanghai version is a single-player puzzle game where players clear a layout of tiles by matching pairs of identical tiles that are not blocked by other tiles, aiming to remove all tiles from the board to win the game. It requires strategic thinking and careful planning to uncover and eliminate the tiles while considering the limited available moves.


Minesweeper - online javascript clone of the well know classic game. But that's not all. Now you can switch to an intelligent version, where the mines on the field are placed by someone really smart, so you can use logic and don't have to be lucky to solve the puzzle. Enjoy and become a minesweeper master.


Yamb maybe is on of the most difficult dice games. Compared to the more familiar Yahtzee and General makes them look trivial and even childish.


Bridges - also known as Hashi-o-kakero (lit. build bridges!) is a Japanese logic puzzle game with simple rules. You have to connect all the islands by building bridges between them. Every island has a number on it, which corresponds to the number of bridges it should have. Enjoy!


Easy and interesting puzzle whose goal is similar to the game of Sudoku, but instead of the numbers from 1 to 9, the symbols X and O are used.


Tetravex is an edge-matching puzzle. The player is presented with a grid and some square tiles, each with a number on each edge. The objective is to arrange tiles in the grid so they can only be placed next to each other if the numbers on adjacent faces match.

Tents and trees

In this classic logic game you should find where to place all the tents around the camp in a way that tents should not touch each other.


Nonograms - puzzle in which the objective is to find out which cells are filled and which cells are not by utilizing numbers provided at the sides of the grid. We offer you to try this logic game with randomly generated puzzles.

Black Box

Black Box is an online hide and seek game. You have to deduce the location of hidden marbles within a "black box" by applying inputs and observing the behavior of the outputs.


Sudoku, sometimes spelled Su Doku, is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9x9 grid, starting with various numbers given in some cells. Each row, column and 3x3 regions must contain only one instance of each number. Give it a try!

Puzzle 15

Puzzle 15 (also know as 14-15) - on of the most famous puzzles in the world. Solve it here directly in your browser.

Puzzle 16

Puzzle 16 is a logic puzzle game similar to puzzle 15. This simple game presents a 4x4 grid of numbered tiles. Your objective is to rearrange the tiles, sliding them horizontally or vertically, to create a complete sequence from 1 to 16.


Pexeso, also known as Memory Game, Pair Match and Concentration, is a game which can improve your visual memory. The aim of the game is to match pairs of identical images.


Hangman - everyone knows this game. You can choose from several dictionaries with popular words.


Japanese language is not known as one of the easiest languages, in particular when it comes to writing. But besides their sophisticated hieroglyph system know as kanji, two other much more easy to learn syllabic scripts exists. With this game you can have fun and learn exactly one of these – Katakana.

Hidden Words

Hidden Words is a popular puzzle. The aim is to find several words hidden in a board of letters.

1 to 64

A game for training observation and speed. Find the numbers from 1 to 64 as quickly as possible.


R.A.M. is a simple memory game which aim is to provoke your memory and keenness of observation.

Arcade Games


If you never heard of tetris you should be very young. This is a 20 year-old game and it is known since the 8-bit era. You can play the game on almost every phone and now you can play it here online.

Flip Flop

Flip Flop is a funny puzzle game, which aim is to match 3 or more same colored squares, by exchanging 2 adjacent elements.


General is one of the most popular dice games. It is played all over the world with slightly different rules. The object is to score a maximum points, making different combinations with rolled dice.


Eggs is a classic handheld game, which was originally released in 1981. The rules are very simple - four chickens lay eggs. You should control the wolf so that he catches them in his cap. Here you can enjoy a JavaScript version of this game, and play it online directly in your browser.

Same Game

Same Game is an old puzzle game originally created in 1985. The object is to remove as more adjoined blocks of same color as you can. If you remove all the blocks you will get a big bonus.


Jooleem is is simple yet addictive puzzle game. The aim of the game is to select 4 marbles of the same color that form a rectangle. The bigger the rectangle is more points and more bonus time you will earn.


Five Plus is an online version of the once popular Windows game called Color Lines The object of the game is to align as often as possible five (or more) balls of the same color causing them to disappear.

Space Invaders II

Classic arcade game where the player control a spaceship and must defend against waves of invading aliens.


Snake is a classic arcade computer game in which the most important thing is fast reactions. You control a snake, which goal is to eat apples over the playing area. You should avoid everything else, even the snake's tail. The more apples the snake eats, the longer and faster it gets.


There is about a minute until the hunt season is over. Your goal, with the help of various weapons, is to take down as many chicks as possible.


At the beginning of the game you get into the role of a small fish. If you obey the rule of the ocean - the bigger ones eat the smaller, you have the chance to become the biggest fish.

Falling letters

Improve your typing skills, hit the correct key before the letter falls down.


Numpad is a little game, where the object is to press the number from your numeric keyboard as fast as you can.

Magic 8 Ball

This is a Magic Ball. It will answer all your questions!

JS Bill

Network administration game. Do not allow computers in the network be infected with a virus.


Montana Solitaire

Montana, also known as Gaps or Spaces, is a difficult to solve solitaire with simple rules. The object of the game is to order all of the cards in 4 rows of increasing order from 2 to K, one single suit per row. Enjoy it!

Baker's Dozen

Very interesting solitaire card game with high chance to win and requires much more skill than other solitaires. The game is so called because the tableau have 13 columns - the number in a backers dozen.

Golf Solitaire

Golf solitaire is a form of solitaire with a tableau of 35 face-up cards and a higher ratio of skill to luck than most other solitaire card games.

Solitaire Cruel

Cruel Solitaire is an amazing solitaire game that seems to have a low success rate, but some advansed players can solve up to 50% of the deals. So, play this solitaire here and become a master!

Elevator Solitaire

Elevator is a solitaire card game with extremely simple rules and elementary strategy. It can be played very fast, but you will need a big dose of luck to solve it. If you wish to relax - this solitaire is exactly for you!

Escalator Solitaire

Escalator is an Elevator solitaire game clone with slightly more chances to win.

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid is a classic Solitaire and maybe the most played one. The name of this solitaire comes from the specific ordering of the cards. The object is to discard all of the cards by pairing cards that add up to 13.

Pyramid 6 Solitaire

Pyramid 6 is a variation of Pyramid Solitaire. The name of the solitaire comes from the specific ordering of the cards. You have to pair up all the cards in the deck in pairs of cards whose ranks total to 13. It is a mostly luck type of solitaire.

Isabel Solitaire

Nice and easy solitaire game, which aim is to remove all the cards from the tableau by pairing cards with same value.

Aces Up Solitaire

This solitaire is easy to play and needs not much time. Chance of winning is not big and it depends mostly by luck.

Multiplayer Games


Classic board game for two similar to chess. Here you can play it online with your friends.


This game has much in common with the well known Tic-Tac-Toe, but is much more complex and interesting. Gomoku is a strategic game for two players, played on a board 15x15. The aim is to make 5 X-s or O-s in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Here you can play it online with real opponents.


Be creative! Make wonderful pictures with colorful pieces of mosaic together with other people.

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