Yamb - online dice game

Yamb is one of the most difficult dice games. Compared to the more familiar Yahtzee and General makes them look trivial and even childish.


The game is played with 5 dice. Each turn consists of maximum 3 rolls. On the first roll you should use all 5 dice, while on other 2 rolls you can choose any amount of dice to roll. After third roll, or if you wish earlier, you should select a combination to write down the score you have. After that you make another turn and so on until the result table is filled.

The combinations in the game Yamb are much more than on the similar game General. The score table has 4 or more columns with 12 rows in each.



The columns in the score table are "Down", "Random", "Up", and "Announce". The game with 6 and more columns has also and "From top and from bottom", "From the middle". The game with 8 columns consist of those 6 columns plus "Jump one", "Late announce".


For your convenience the table has 3 subtotal rows which are for the points for the combinations on top of them.

Good luck!