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Solitaire Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen is interesting solitaire card game that requires much more skill than most of other solitaires does. The game is so called because the tableau have 13 columns - the number in a backer's dozen.

Rules of Baker's Solitaire

The object is to move all the cards to the foundations.
Four cards on the tableau, resulting in 13 columns.
Any King that is in the top or middle of each column is placed on the bottom before the game starts.
Foundation is build up by suit from Ace to King.
The columns on tableau can be build down by rank regardles of suit.
Only the top cards of each column can be moved.
The top cards from the foundations can be moved also.
Once all cards are taken out of a column, the column can never be filled.
One point for each moved to the foundations card. Maximum score is 52.
Chance of Winning:
High, mostly skill.
Play with smaller cards Play with larger cards
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