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Mahjong 2D

Mahjong 2D (a.k.a. Shisen-Sho) is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of tiles placed on a table only in one-layer, contrary to original Chinese Mah-Jongg game where the tiles are arranged in a "dragon-shaped pyramid".
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The aim of the game is to clear the board by pairing up all the tiles. The matching pairs can be removed if they are side by side or if they can be virtually connected with no more than three connected lines. This imaginary line cannot pass through any other tile. Distance does not matter.

rules This is a sample view of tiles that can be removed (connected with green lines), and tiles that cannot be removed (red lines).

Like many solitaire games Mahjong 2D has some element of luck, but also you have to remember that there are 6 of each tile - matching the "wrong" two could make the game unsolvable!

The game has a time limit, wich is decresing each level. There is a time penalty also. If you select 2 tiles that cannot be removed your remaining time will be 10 seconds less.