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Isabel Solitaire

Isabel Solitaire is a very easy game, the goal of which is to remove all cards by grouping them in pairs with the same value.
To remove 2 cards mark them one by one. Have fun!
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Rules of Isabel Solitaire

The goal of the game is to remove all cards.
Tableau - 13 piles of 4 cards each. Cards are face down, except the top card.
Remove cards in pairs with the same value.
After removing the top cards of the piles are turned face up.
Two points for each pair of removed cards.
The maximum score is 52.
Winning chance:
Average 1 in 10 games.
Mostly luck.
Each pile starts with four cards. The trick is to remember how many cards each slot has left at any given time so that you can try to remove cards evenly.