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General is one of the most popular dice games. It is played all over the world with slightly different rules. The object is to score a maximum points, making different combinations with rolled dice.
Top Score:
Two Pairs
3 of a kind
4 of a kind
Full House
Small Straight
Large Straight
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About the game

General, also known as Cheerio, Yot, Yam and commercial Yahtzee - is a version of popular game from Puerto Rico called Generala. All those games have a slightly different rules, basically only in the way of scoring points. In original versions of these games, any number of players can play. Here you can play a solo game, so you can practice to achieve a personal best score.

General Rules

The game is played with 5 dice. On every turn you can roll dice up to three times, where first roll is a must and should be with all dice. Depending of the combination you want to make, you can choose to roll one or two more times any number of dice you choose. On every throw you can select which dice to hold to make a combination and which to throw again. After each turn you select a combination on the table and a score you made for that combination. The game is over when all the combinations are done, i.e. all the points for combinations are written on the table. The total score is a sum of the points of all combinations.

Results Table

The results table consists of 2 parts - obligatory part and combinatory part. Obligatory part consists of digits from 1 to 6. You have to roll at least 3 of a kind dice, like 3 ones, 3 twos,... 3 sixes, witch counts 0 points, if you rolled exactly 3 of a kind, or 1, 2,... 6 points, if you rolled 4 of a kind, or 2, 4,... 12 points, if you rolled 5 of a kind. If you were unable to make any of these combinations, you will be scored minus 25 points - hense the name obligatory.

At the combinatory part, you will be scored with the sum of dice that take part of the combination. The combinations are:

  • Pair - sum of dice in the pair, e.g. 6+6 = 12 pts.
  • Two Pairs - e.g. 6+6+2+2 = 16 pts. (Note: you can treat Four of a kind as Two Pairs)
  • Three of a kind
  • Four of a kind
  • Full House
  • Small straight = 15 pts
  • Large straight = 20 pts
  • Chance (sum all dice)
  • General - Five of a Kind. Your score will be 50 + sum of all dice

Additional rules

Each combination can be used only once. If the resulting combination of dice will not fit in any unused scoring category, the player must place a "zero" in one of the unused combinations.

Good luck!