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Escalator Solitaire

Escalator is a solitaire game with very simple rules and it gives you more chances to build winning strategy than it's cousin solitaire - Elevator.
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Rules of Escalator Solitaire.

The object of the Escalator Solitaire is to move all cards from the pyramid to the Waste.
Tableau - seven overlapping rows starting with one card on the first row, increasing by one per row and staggering the piles as to achieve a pyramid. All cards are faced up.
Stock - the rest of the deck is placed at the top left corner after dealing on to the Tableau.
Waste - all discarded cards are placed here.
All uncovered cards in the pyramid are available for play.
Cards from the tableau can be moved to the Waste if the rank is immediately above or immediately below the rank of the top card in the Waste.
K can be followed by Q or by A.
A can be followed by K or by 2.
Cards can be flipped singly from the Stock to the Waste.
There are no redeals.
One point for each removed card from the tableau. Maximum score is 28.
Chance of Winning:
1 in 40 games.
Luck and strategy.