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Mahjong (Shanghai)

Mahjong (Shanghai) is a solitaire game where the player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board. Find matching pairs of images at the left and right ends of the lines in the various puzzles to remove the tiles from the board.
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Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game. The presented Shanghai variant is designed for a single player.


It is played with all tiles from Mahjong - 144 in total, distributed as follows:

  • * Dots - 9 tiles of each 4
  • * Bamboo - 9 tiles of each 4
  • * Characters - 9 tiles of each 4
  • * Winds (directions of the world) - 4 tiles of each 4
  • * Dragons - 3 tiles of each 4
  • * Flowers - 4 tiles
  • * Seasons - 4 tiles

Matching tiles

In order to remove 2 tiles they must be identical. The exception are the tiles of the 4 seasons and 4 flowers. Since they have no pairs, they can be collected directly with each other. For example, Winter and Summer, Spring and Summer, etc.

Open tiles

Only the tiles on which there are no other tiles and at least on one of their sides (left or right) there are no other tiles are involved in the game. From the board can be removed pairs of identical tiles, only if both are "free".

Goal of the game

The goal is to remove all tiles in the shortest possible time. The time starts to run from the moment of the first marking of a tile. It is also important to know that not all games have a solution, and also that a game that is in principle solvable can become unsolvable if you do not pay attention to the sequence in which the tiles are removed.